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No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” 
~ Aesop

A Course with Heart

​Active service and civic engagement are important cornerstones of our school culture. During a weekly, year-long Service-Learning course students collaborate with each other and their teachers to use artistic, creative, and academic knowledge and skills to address genuine community needs.

Through participating in our interdisciplinary Service-Learning curriculum, students develop empathy, cultural competency, and a framework for social action while demonstrating compassion​.

​Students also learn project management skills and have many opportunities to practice the leadership and collaboration skills
they employ throughout their other classes. Our goal is for students to move beyond clocking volunteer hours and participating in singular service days towards continuously integrating all their learning,​ artistic skills, and creative expression into solutions that can actively improve our greater, collective human experience.

Teaching All to Reach Many

  • Projects grow in scope, depth and magnitude each year as students gain a consistently deeper understanding of civic responsibility and how it can have a powerful impact on theirs and others' lives in many communities. 

  • Freshmen students work to design and carry out projects that focus on addressing needs in our school, neighborhood, and in local Twin Cities communities.

  • Sophomore students design and participate in projects that serve statewide communities.

  • Junior students envision and engage in regional and nationally focused projects.

  • Seniors have opportunities to design and participate in regional, national and international service learning projects.

  • During our annual Service-Learning Project Week all students, faculty and staff spend time away from school conducting their various project activities.

  • Upon return to school students share their experiences, celebrate their accomplishments, and reflect on their learning.