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These policies are formal guidelines established by The Studio School Board of Directors to ensure that the school responds to its mission and operates in an effective, efficient, consistent and transparent manner in alignment with MN Charter School Law. Policies define the desire and intent of the School Board.

The School Board has the jurisdiction to legislate policy for the School District with the force and effect of law. School board policy provides the general direction as to what the School Board wishes to accomplish while delegating implementation of policy to the school administration.
Policies to establish the mission, purpose, and principles of the School Board:
Studio School Bylaws
102 Equal Education Opportunity
103 Complaints: Students, Parents, Employees and Other Persons

Policies to outline the responsibilities and expectations that
guide the work of the School Board:
201 Legal Status of The Studio School Board of Directors
203 Board Meeting Agendas
203.1 Consent Agendas
204 Board Meeting Minutes
205 Open Meetings and Closed Meetings
206 Public Participation in Board Meetings, Complaints
           & Data Privacy

207 Public Comment Session at Board Meetings
208 Development, Adoption and Implementation of Policies
209  Board Committee Establishment and Accountability
212 New Board Member Orientation & Training
214 Out of State and International Travel by Board Members
215 Board Member Conflict of Interest
216 Nepotism
217 Tort Liability
219 Board Member Meeting Attendance

Policies to provide direction to ensure the consistent operation
of the School District:
301 Record Retention and Destruction
302 School Administration
303 Executive Director Responsibilities, Qualifications,
​           Selection & Evaluation

Policies to define a standard of conduct for School District employees:
401 Equal Opportunity Employment
402 Disability Nondiscrimination
404 Criminal Background Checks
405 At Will Employment
406 Public and Private Personnel Data
407 Employee Right to Know
408 Employment Benefits
409 Salary and Wage Compensation
410 Family and Medical Leave
411 Purchase of Health Insurance
413 Harassment and Violence
414 Mandated Reporting of Child Neglect or Physical or
          Sexual Abuse
415 Mandated Reporting of Maltreatment of Vulnerable Adults
417 Chemical Use and Abuse
418 Drug Free Workplace Drug Free School
419 Tobacco Free Environment
420 Students & Employees with AIDS & Other Communicable
           Diseases & Infections Conditions
422 Employee Conflict of Interest
430 School Hiring Policy
432 Whistleblower Protections
434 Employee Tort Liability
435 Employee Nepotism
437 Employee Evaluation
438 Responding to Employment Verification & Reference Checks
441 Employee Use of School Property & Equipment

Policies to provide guidelines for students and families to ensure
a safe and constructive learning environment:

501 Weapons in School
502 Search of Student Lockers, Desks, Personal
          Posessions & Person
503 Student Attendance
503.1 Compulsory Attendance
504 Student Dress and Appearance
506 Student Behavior & School Responses to Student Behavior
508 Tennessen Warning
510 Student Transportation and School Bus Safety
511 Student Fundraising
514 Bullying Prohibition
515 Protection and Privacy of Pupil Records
515F Protection and Privacy of Pupil Records Notice
516 Student Medication
521 Student Disability Nondiscrimination
522 Student Sex Nondiscrimination
523 English Learners
524 Internet Acceptable Use
525 Use of Social Media in School
526 Hazing Prohibition
528 Student Parental, Marital & Family Status
531 Pledge of Allegiance
532 Removal of Students with IEPs
533 Wellness
​535 Admissions
536 Closing of School
543 Use of Restraints for Students
545 Student Fee Requirement and Prohibitions
550 Gallery Events
551 Controversial Issues in Student Work

Policies to outline instructional resources and programs 

for students and families:
609 Religion
612.1 Development of Parental Involvement Policies 
          for Title I Programs

Policies to outline district financial processes and procedures:

700 Nonprofit Operation & Applicability of Nonprofit Law
701 Use of Public Funds
702 Establishment & Adoption of School District Budgets
702.1 Review & Modification of School District Budgets
703 Segregation of Duties
704 Asset Capitalization
705 Accounting
707 Board Approval of Vendor Contracts
709 Student Transportation & Safety
710 Designation of Depositories
711 Collateral Requirements for Depositories
714 Fund Balance
717 Credit Card Usage
718 Petty Cash
718.1 Petty Cash Procedures
720 Fundraising
723 Alcohol at School-Sponsored Events
724 Inventory-Asset Management
725 Bidding for Services from Authorizer
726 Annual Audit
727 Prompt Payment of Bills
728 Sale or Purchase of State Property
729 Check Signing
730 Financial Controls & Recordkeeping
731 Bidding Requirements
731 CSP Bidding & Procurement Requirements & Procedures
732 Purchasing Requirements
733 Electronic Transfer of Funds


Policies to outline procedures used to best manage and utilize School District property and operations:
801 Equal Access to School Facilities
806 Crisis Management
​899 Service Animals

Policies to establish guidelines to ensure a quality partnership
with the community:
901 Building Visitors

The policies described here are not conditions of employment, and the language is not intended to create a contract between The Studio School and its employees.