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“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” 
~ Edgar Degas
  • In Media Arts courses, students learn to use elements and tools of current and emerging technologies to create ​and analyze artworks that express feelings and ideas.

  • Students learn in a variety of genres, and develop creative and critical thinking skills as they create expressive works to convey their own voice and ideas.

  • In addition to learning digital artmaking skills, students ​build their understanding of contemporary theory and the role of Media Arts in various historical and cultural contexts.

  • Student work is evaluated through rubric self-assessment, peer assessment and teacher assessment during class critiques, projects, individual discussions, exhibitions, observations, technical tests and demonstrations.

  • Elective options encourage students to explore various topics, techniques and media in semester-long workshop style classes that meet once per week.

  • All courses are grounded in critique, and are designed to help students build deep understandings of how the Media Arts relate to a variety of disciplines.

Studio Courses

​Sophomore Studio Foundations
  • Film & Animation
  • Darkroom & Digital Photography

Advanced Studio Explorations
  • Advanced Videography
  • Advanced Photography

Elective Options

  • Conceptual Darkroom Photography
  • Experimental Photography
  • Sound Design
  • Advanced Digital Animation
  • Advanced Stop-Motion Animation​